Happy Independence Day!

stock-footage-fireworks-seamless-loopMost Americans will be grilling hot dogs and hamburgers while watching large explosions or creating explosions of their own with friends and family today. But we must not forget why we are able to celebrate this wonderful holiday! In 1776, the United States of America declared this day to be their Independence Day, and it’s thanks to the men and women of our armed forces that we are still able to celebrate that to this day. And we especially want to thank the military personnel and veterans that we have in our lives, and here at the Xtreme Wrestling Center.

If you have read any interviews that XWC General Manager, Jordan “Smiley” Rogers has given, then you will know about his time in the Marine Corp, and being a life-long fan of pro wrestling, it’s not a surprise to see why he has become involved in the business, and taking a general manager approach to it. “The military gave me leadership training and confidence in myself that I was qualified to lead a group of athletes,” Mr. Smiley told me in an interview. He jokes that, “You’ll have to read a future book for all the details of how this transitioned to my position as General Manager of the Xtreme Wrestling Center.” The passion for the wrestling business and the XWC is apparent by the way Mr. Smiley talks, “As our company grows, then my role in it necessarily has, but my policy which is set for the company will continue to be based on discipline and respect, for everyone you work with and the business itself.  I think these principles are somewhat inherited from my time in the Marines and appropriate for this type of business.” On a personal note, I believe it’s that passion and respect for the wrestling business, and those involved in it that Mr. Smiley has, that will help the XWC succeed.

Along with Mr. Smiley, the XWC trains a few active military personnel as well. I was able to talk to Anthony “Aaron” Clayton (also known as A-Clay), who has been training with the XWC since September 2014 and JC Wallace, who is a newer trainee, and has been with the XWC since May 2015.

Anthony doesn’t shy away from his excitement of just being a part of the XWC, “My time at XWC has been nothing short of amazing, I’ve learned so much from David, Jude, and Jordan; Tommy and Kyle and all the other trainers!… it’s nice being able to do what you love to do and be around a group of people who accept you because of the interest.”

Everyone has their own reasons why they want to get into the wrestling business, “I joined XWC because I’ve always had the dream of becoming a professional wrestler. Ever since the days of watching it at home; pretending my bed was a ring, I’ve always felt like my purpose in life is to entertain and be an inspiration, inspire people, and I can’t think of any better way of doing it then wrestling,” Anthony says. He’s quick to acknowledge the help that training in the Army has given him, “My military experiences has helped me with this (by) giving me the motivation and the discipline of going through this kind of training physically, mentally, and emotionally. One thing I’ve learned throughout my training is that this is a tough business to get into, and it’s even harder to stay in without getting discouraged and quit. Something that the military taught me is that you don’t quit. Once you start something, you see you till the end.”

JC Wallace echoes the sentiments of A-Clay. “My military experience has helped me with my physical conditioning, discipline, and listening to instructions,” JC Wallace says, “My time at XWC has been one of the best times I’ve ever had. The reason I joined XWC is because I’ve always wanted to be a pro wrestler, and it’s a dream I’ve always wanted to follow.”

Mr. Smiley, Anthony Clayton, and JC Wallace all agree that their time in the military has definitely helped them in their pursuit of their dreams here at the XWC. And to many, becoming a pro wrestler is a dream, and the XWC is trying to help that dream come true.

We welcome anyone who has served (as well as those who have not served) to sign up for a tryout and see if you like it at the XWC. You can find the tryout form on our website http://www.prowrestling.training and we hope to see you soon!