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The Xtreme Wrestling Center is run by professional staff and trainers with the mission of teaching the craft of Professional Wrestling to aspiring wrestlers in the Midwest. Schedule your Try-Out now!



Having been an extreme professional wrestling fan since youth, Adam took the opportunity to train with David Cattin in 2006.

Adam has become an exemplary student of the industry. His quick study of catch wrestling, freestyle, lucha libre, and acrobatic styles has developed him into a respected wrestler, referee, and trainer in the Midwest. He was promoted to Head Trainer in 2023.

Since then he has established himself and wrestled for Minnesota Extreme Wrestling (MEW), SIC-W, Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling (KCXW), Whiplash Wrestling, Next Level Elite Wrestling, and Top of Texas Pro Wrestling, IWA Productions.

Adam has had the opportunity to work with known wrestlers including Angel Medina, and in recent years, he has appeared as an extra on AEW.

Adam has transitioned into mainly training and refereeing, which has led to the opportunity to ref matches for Scott Steiner, Nyla Rose, Buff Bagwell, Kevin Thorne, and Rhyno, to name a few.

Other passions include music, and he is able to play guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard. In high school, Adam was part of a band called “Never Falls Down” and they even made their own album.

During 2020, when the world began its descent into the covid pandemic, Adam made the best of a bad situation by changing his wedding plans. He ended up getting married in the wrestling ring at XWC!

Adam is incredibly proud of the “catio” that he and David teamed up to build over the summer of 2021 at Adam’s residence in Kearney, Missouri.


David started backyard wrestling in 1999-2000. He trained in St. Joseph at the CSWS training facility for roughly 2 months. When the backyard received news coverage, Derek Stone reached out to train at CSWS, where David trained with him for roughly a year.

During that time, David worked for several companies as a wrestler, as well as a ref and a manager.

After he and Derek Stone parted ways, David continued to work in wrestling, until his daughter Adison was born.

David took a long break from the industry, but returned to create a place where people could work and train. After years of planning, he formed both the XWC and KCXW with his partners Adam Houck and Jordan Rogers.

In his early years, "Smooth As Satin" David Cattin earned championships as both a singles and tag team competitor, during which he earned the opportunity to work with known wrestlers including Bam Bam Bigelow and Honky Tonk Man. David has wrestled in the states of TX, OK, SD, IL, KY, TN, AK, IN, NM, NE, IA, and of course Kansas and Missouri.

He has wrestled for Next Level Elite Wrestling (NLEW), Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling (KCXW), Universal Championship Wrestling, Ultimate Championship Wrestling, XXX Wrestling, All Star Wrestling (ASW), and Whiplash Wrestling.

The experience David has gained on the Independent Circuit has been transferred into the training at the Xtreme Wrestling Center, and his ability to guide prospective students through our course stands as evidence of his passion and patience in transferring this important knowledge.
Other passions include his family and all things nerd!

David is proud of being able to accomplish this impressive wrestling history while being a single father. He has also been able to attain a management level position at his current employer.


Will has been interested in wrestling since he was a kid. He used to “practice” with his siblings and friends, throwing his first powerbomb on his brother at age 11. Lots of things got broken around the house and this led his mom to ban wrestling in their house for a few years. He started his wrestling training here at the XWC in June 2017, then had his first match just 4 months later in October 2017!

Since then, he has wrestled in multiple states including MO, KS, NE, IL, IN, and CO for a variety of different companies, including Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling (KCXW) and New Breed Wrestling (NBW).

During his time with Xtreme Wrestling Center, Will has helped fill multiples different roles from running social media, operations manager, and now as a trainer. His passions include his children, his bulldog puppy, and doing nerdy stuff. He does occasionally wrestle with his kids, but a lot less things get broken now.

Assistant Trainer - Amber Houston

Amber fell in love with wrestling around 5 years old. She watched it for years on television with her dad, who is the one she credits with starting her love for wrestling. She learned of Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling when she was 16 and started following the indy wrestling scene as she started attending shows.

Amber began attending Xtreme Wrestling Center when she was 17, having a collegiate wrestling background from High School. She graduated the training program in May of 2021, and has attained the status of the first female assistant trainer at XWC. She has wrestled with Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling (KCXW), New Breed Wrestling (NBW), Extreme Wrestling Entertainment (XWE), Top of Texas (TOT), Illinois Elite Wrestling (IEW), IWA Productions, Mid Missouri Wrestling Alliance (MMWA), and others.

Some of Amber’s passions include Muay Thai (which she currently participates in), tattoos, animals, sports, and her 2 doggos that she says are her entire world.

In her daily life, she is a pricing/stocking employee at a grocery store, as well as she is currently in the Army.


Dan previously had 4 years of folk style wrestling and 2 coaching folk style wrestling. Then he went to a metro pro wrestling show and wanted to join the world of professional wrestling, but there was no local professional wrestling school nearby.

A few years later, Dan saw a flier on Facebook for XWC. He had his tryout in late October 2014 with XWC and has been with the school since.

He has wrestled with Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling and been one of the top names in the company for multiple years.

Dan is happily married to his wife, Ashley and they have two children together,Evangeline and Theodore.

His hobbies include his family, weight lifting, reading or listening to history books, camping and experiencing wilderness, competition, and he is pro American and polish.


TJ has been training with Xtreme Wrestling Center for multiple years, having graduated in September 2021.

The showmanship and entertainment aspect of wrestling is what drew him to professional wrestling.

He was a two-time Collegiate All-American wrestler with Missouri Valley College and also was proudly voted Prom King during High School.

He often travels to Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling (KCXW), New Breed Wrestling (NBW), Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment (XWE), IWA Productions, Tri States Wrestling (TSW) and others.

A little known fact is that he has a “not twin” sister that looks just like him.

He enjoys supporting all things Detroit, and enjoys his day job as a supervisor for a Habilitation Center.

XWC Trainer - Travis